Evaluate Your Non-Profit’s Security

Checklist: How Secure Is Your Non-Profit’s Hybrid Workforce?

Are you wondering if your non-profit has security vulnerabilities? Are you unsure if your approach to hybrid work is exposing your organization to cyber threats? Walk through this checklist to find out if you’ve got a strong security foundation or if your non-profit could use some help from technology.

Non-profits have the steep challenge of combatting modern cyber threats with fewer resources and slimmer budgets than for-profit organizations. And the era of remote and hybrid-remote work has made achieving security even more complex. Luckily, affordable technology solutions can help. We’ve created a checklist for non-profits to evaluate the security of their hybrid workforces.

Download this checklist to see if your non-profit’s workforce is at risk. In it, you’ll learn:

  • If you have the right established methods for protecting against cyber attacks
  • If you’re securely onboarding and offboarding employees/volunteers
  • Why a single technology solution could be your ticket to better security

The types of best practices and tools available to help you shore up security and compliance for your non-profit.

If you need to assess your security risk today, don’t wait.

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