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We are Gryphon Consulting

For over 10 years, Gryphon Consulting has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service combined with IT solutions that are cutting edge, affordable, and secure. Our promise is friendly, personalized service (no matter how big or small your organization) paired with solutions, technology, and people you can trust.


Our customers are at the core of everything we do and drive our decisions. Clients keep coming to us for dependable, customized IT solutions and stay for the mutually beneficial partnership.


We are a Black and Hispanic-owned business that embraces diversity and finds purpose in our community. We are a State of Maryland Minority Business Enterprise who believes in giving back, which is why we set aside 2% of our profits to donate to Non-Profit organizations.

Why Gryphon Consulting?

The name Gryphon symbolizes a guardian of both treasure and justice. The Gryphon symbolizes a guardian, its ears showing attention, its wings swiftness, its lion-like shape courage and audacity, its hooked beak hoarding and tenacity.


Gryphon Consulting was founded on the belief that businesses need help bridging the gap between goals and results. We at Gryphon Consulting believe we can help you put your corporate vision into action by implementing cost-effective IT solutions which deliver organizational results.


Our goal is to provide proactive monitoring and maintenance services & solutions to our clients so that they have the best IT experience possible. We offer personalized solutions tailored to our customers and their ever-changing business needs.


We believe your corporate vision should be more than just a statement.


You've visualized your goals, let us help you reach them.



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