30 05, 2024

How to Prepare Your Nonprofit for AI Adoption

2024-05-24T11:28:57-04:00May 30, 2024|

Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your nonprofit organization offers transformative possibilities, from boosting fundraising activities to enhancing operational efficiency and engaging stakeholders more effectively. Recent studies, such as those by Deloitte Digital and Forbes, indicate a significant projected increase in AI use within nonprofits by 2024. This surge underscores [...]

17 04, 2024

Preparing to Deploy and Use Microsoft Copilot Generative AI in Your Organization

2024-04-02T14:59:04-04:00April 17, 2024|

Microsoft Copilot has made its debut, bringing us into the world of generative AI in the daily business context. This has sparked a wave of enthusiasm across various industries. The innovative tool is now broadly available for organizations of all sizes. Copilot for Microsoft 365 harnesses the power of natural [...]