Have you given any thought to how technology can take your business to the next level? Seriously. Technology is amazing because it can make your business run so much more efficiently. But we recognize that for many people—particularly those who aren’t technologically savvy, but even those who are—the latest developments can feel overwhelming. But it’s important to implement them so that your business doesn’t remain in the Dark Ages. (Could you imagine if a business never started using email? Or never launched a website?)

After all, there’s a reason that so many businesses are rallying to use the latest technology. Tech means your business gets more done—in less time, with less stress, and less expense. That way, you’re actually able to focus on serving your customers and improving your product or service. Plus, your team will be a lot less stressed.

Technology can take many different forms. It might be Cloud solutions that will boost your productivity, or it might be the implementation of around-the-clock support services so your customers never have to wait when they have a problem.

Here are four ways that our team sees technology taking your business to the next level.

Expand Business Capabilities With Managed IT Offerings

When you’re properly managing the IT you use around the office (whether that office is remote or physical—but we’ll get to that in a second), you are able to do so much more. The right technology means all of your platforms are connected, so your email is synced up to your calendar, for example. Team members don’t have to be sitting at the same computer to collaborate on the same document, so you can get work done anywhere—even from the comfort of home, or while you’re traveling. Your team has better means of communication, and you’re able to resolve problems faster. These technological advances have made it easier for businesses to operate without a brick-and-mortar location, offering more flexibility for team members who are ultimately able to be more productive.

Seamlessly Migrate To The Cloud And Boost Productivity

Remember how we talked about all those platforms being connected and your team no longer needing to work at the office? Another huge part of that equation is the Cloud. With the Cloud, all of your documents and files are stored in one convenient online location.  The same spreadsheet you were working on at the office computer can be pulled up on your home computer, for example. It also becomes easier to back up and recover documents, as well as check your email from multiple devices.

Tackle Evolving Cybersecurity Threats Head-On

The thing that’s terrible about cybersecurity is that it’s constantly evolving. As soon as we’ve developed digital protection to safeguard your devices against one virus another hacker has created something new to plague us. That’s why it’s important to continually be updating your technology so that your devices have the best protection against these cybersecurity threats. As an example, we always recommend our clients use Microsoft 365 Defender to protect their valuable data, or they can use Azure Sentinel to close their network off from any outside threats. These cybersecurity protections are important because they ensure you don’t lose valuable time trying to reboot or clear a device that’s suffered an attack, nor do you have to worry about compromising a client’s sensitive data (which would reflect very poorly on your business).

Get A Tailored Consultation And Maximize Your Technology Investment 

Here’s the important thing to keep in mind—technology isn’t the kind of thing where one size fits all, especially in the business world. Your business needs aren’t necessarily the same as the needs of another business, so you might not need to implement the same technology. Some IT solutions might even be a waste of time and money for you. In order to boost efficiency, you need to carefully consider your specific goals and specific needs. A tailored consultation with an IT service company can help you manage the software and technology you’re currently using (ultimately getting the most out of it) and determine what other technological solutions you need to add. The guidance of an IT service company will also help you implement the technology you’re investing in, so if you’re unsure of how to use it to its fullest extent, they will show you how.

At Gryphon Consulting, we work with businesses and nonprofit organizations of all sizes, helping them determine which technology is right for their needs and how they can use it to its fullest extent. If you’re interested in a consultation, reach out to us today by calling (301) 789-1029.