If you’re like most businesses, you’ve had to completely overhaul the way you operate over the past two and a half years. And according to business trends, it’s not a short-term or temporary change—the pandemic has meant that our culture’s concept of the work environment has changed for the foreseeable future, primarily in that most businesses depend on remote or hybrid workspaces for their employees. This means it’s time for Microsoft Surface to shine.

Hybrid Work: Here To Stay

Before we emphasize why Microsoft Surface is such a powerful fit for businesses in 2022 and beyond, it’s important to understand why so many businesses are sticking with remote and hybrid work environments.

While remote work was primarily offered as a safety precaution throughout the pandemic, many business owners and managers realized it was feasible in a way they never thought it was in the past. So much so that many businesses are sticking with it because remote operations allow them to take advantage of the talent they might not be able to use otherwise—for example, a worker who is located in a different region or even a different time zone. Remote work has also allowed businesses to be more competitive, offering a convenience factor for workers who are re-evaluating their employment priorities in a post-COVID world. Even a hybrid option makes some jobs more practical for employees who live a fair distance away and might be willing to make a long commute twice a week as long as they don’t have to do it every day.

Remote and hybrid work has also allowed more businesses to cut back on costs because they don’t need as much office space. Even businesses that have gone hybrid, requiring employees to come to the office only on certain days or on an as-needed basis, don’t need as much space because they’re able to stagger the number of people in the building at one time.

Better Devices For Hybrid Work

Considering all of this, is it any wonder that half of the business leaders expect the workforce to remain remote for the long haul? But if business leaders are going to make that work, then they need to make sure their employees have the resources they need to succeed. To be specific, 70% of IT leaders say that businesses need to improve the quality of the devices they’re using if hybrid work is going to be successful.

Why Choose Microsoft Surface?

We endorse Microsoft Surface products for several reasons:

  • Virtual Conferencing Technology
    It’s not just the integration that makes Microsoft Surface such an ideal option. These products come with a high-quality display, microphones, speakers, and cameras, which will raise the professionalism of your virtual meetings. After all, you’re going to be doing a lot on video chats—shouldn’t you sound, look, and hear your best?
  • Power And Battery Life
    The other thing that’s great about Microsoft Surface is they have the power and the battery life to run many business apps all day long. Business apps are complex—running several of them at the same time could slow down a less powerful device, or leave you in need of a battery recharge before lunch. Microsoft Surface is built with today’s busy hybrid worker in mind, so you don’t run into that problem.
  • Security And Privacy
    Your Microsoft Surface device is also designed to be secure, keeping your data private and your employees compliant. If you’re taking your device around with you from place to place, dealing with sensitive company data outside the office, possibly even outside your home, you don’t want to put that sensitive data at risk.
  • Easy IT Service
    Finally, there’s always the concern that a business device ends up being more difficult to use than you expect. Microsoft Surface sounds a little too good to be true, right? All of its capabilities are great until you hit a glitch and don’t know how to fix it. Fortunately, Surface comes with excellent customer support and a warranty. It even has a management portal so IT administrators have a place where they can self-serve, manage, and monitor all the devices that are registered with your business.

Our take? Microsoft Surface is exactly what the evolving professional landscape needs as more businesses switch their operations to hybrid and remote. It’s your best option for empowering your team to be productive while keeping all your company data safe. Most importantly, it’s easy to use.

Interested in learning more about what Microsoft Surface has to offer? Check out our Webinar on “ How to Simplify Operations with Zero touch Deployments and Microsoft Surface devices” via our YouTube Channel. Our team is ready to share with you. Reach out to us today by calling 301-789-1029.