Being a business owner may imply that you have to fill many roles and responsibilities at once. Because you are busy, it’s important to take advantage of technology to make your processes and procedures more efficient.  Here are nine ways you can use technology to be a more efficient business owner.

1. Project Management Software

We guess that you are already utilizing project management software to keep track of deadlines, assigned tasks, and progress reports.  After all, everybody knows it is impossible to keep all of your tasks and projects for you and your team in your head.  Trying to run a business without project management software is like trying to run a marathon without shoes.  It can be done but really shouldn’t.

Project management software will allow you to see at a glance what needs to be done, by whom, and by when.

2. Accounting Software

Even if you aren’t trying to do the accounting yourself, automating your accounting and bookkeeping processes with accounting software will save you time spent on data entry and give you up-to-date financial statements. With up-to-date financial data, you can make decisions faster and avoid making costly mistakes.

3. Customer Relationship Management

Using customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage your customer data, sales pipeline, and marketing campaigns will help you stay organized and nurture your relationships with customers. Many small business owners think they can wait to invest in this software.  But we encourage you to start early. Most seasoned business owners would give their eye teeth to go back and collect the personal data of every person they have met since starting their business.  Don’t let this be one of your regrets years from now.

4. Cloud Storage Service

Using a cloud storage service to store files and documents online so they can be accessed from anywhere will save you space on your computer and make it easier to share files with others.

Companies that invested in cloud storage services before the pandemic were able to pivot to remote work faster than those that didn’t. Although we suspect there will not be another pandemic any time soon, wouldn’t you rather be prepared for the worst than caught out in the cold?

5. Website Design

A smart website design is essential for even the smallest businesses.  Your website is one of the few assets you own on the internet. Creating a business website to showcase your products and services will give you a professional online presence and help you reach more customers.

Even if you don’t have products or services to sell online, your site should be eCommerce ready just in case you need it.

6. Social Media

Speed and efficiency may not come to mind when thinking about being more efficient, but using social media to connect with customers and promote your business is a great way to build relationships and create brand awareness. In addition, social media is an asset for your customer service.  If you can see what your customers are saying about your business online, you can address any concerns that arise and you can amplify any shoutouts your business is given.

7. Let The Business Come To You

Although we are big fans of advertising and networking, we also know that letting your website work for you is a great way to build your business. Using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to make sure your website appears as high as possible in search results will help you get more traffic to your site, gather more data for your CRM, and even make more sales.

8. Analytics

Gone are the days when we had to guess whether an ad campaign was working. Paying attention to analytics on your website, your email marketing platform, and social media will allow you to see how well your marketing campaigns are performing and make necessary adjustments. This will help you fine-tune your marketing efforts for maximum impact.

9. Hire an IT Company

It’s important to keep up with the latest technology trends so that you can be sure you are using the best tools for your business.  This will help you start ahead of the competition and maybe even give you back some of your time so you can spend it doing the things you love.  But who has time for that?  Instead of trying to do it all yourself, let our team help you.

Technology can be a great asset for small business owners. By utilizing these tools, you can save time a