Small businesses depend on their employees being flexible. Because they are still growing, roles may not be as defined in the beginning and they need their employees to be able to take on different roles as they move through the growing process.  

It takes a certain type of person to be able to step onto a team and understand that their role is fluid. That a small business can be an all-hands-on-deck environment. In this article, we will discuss the 5 personality types that work best for this sort of workspace. 

That’s why it is important in the hiring process to get a good feel for the personality and experience of the potential employee. 

Consider a person who has spent the past twenty years with a Fortune 500 company.  Their roles have most likely been narrowly defined.  Their job descriptions have been clear and their days are probably similar from one day to the next.

Now consider the small business employee. They may be hired to be an assistant and quickly find themselves moving into the role of a web designer or human resources or janitor.  Although small business owners are working with the goal of narrow job descriptions, it takes some time to get there.

Personality Types For Small Business

1. The Team Player

A small business is more like a team than any other size business.  Team members have to be able to work together and to step up the plate on projects they never expected to work on.  A team player can understand their role within a team but is willing to step outside of that role to work collaboratively with others.

Although lone wolves can thrive in a bigger business, the small business setting won’t be good for them or your business.

2. The Go-Getter

The second personality type that works well in a small business is the go-getter. This type of person is driven and motivated to succeed. They are always looking for new opportunities and ways to improve the business. They are the ones who take extreme ownership of their task and the business at large. These are the employees that are most often mistaken as partners in the business.

Usually, the go-getter has some entrepreneurial experience.  This means they truly understand the dynamics of a small business and what is needed to make it run.

3. Problem Solver

Small businesses are usually running with just a handful or two employees. This means that problems can fall on any member of the team. Having someone with a problem-solving personality is a huge benefit for a small business. This type of person is always loo