The pandemic has forced employers to reevaluate their workplace policies and many have found that remote work is a viable option for their business. This has opened up new possibilities for employees, who are now able to work from anywhere. However, one of the challenges of remote work is maintaining company culture.

One solution is to host regular in-person social events. Here are 10 reasons why in-person social events are good for your employees and company.

1. They promote team building

In order for a business to work efficiently, you have to have a team that works well together.  Although there are benefits to remote or hybrid work, it is much harder to have the same feeling of being part of a team.  In-person company events are a great way to re-establish this feeling. In this case, a simple happy hour may not be enough. 

There are organizations that focus on team-building exercises for businesses.  This may be a great option for your company once a year.  But themed social events may be helpful too.  Consider a spring croquet party or during winter host a curling event.  Watching your employees interact during these events may help you make decisions about the seats your employees are currently in and where they might be able to fit in the future.

2. In-person social events improve collaboration

Microsoft Teams is a great tool for helping your employees work together from any place in the world, but how well are they collaborating?  Social events offer an opportunity for your employees to get to know each other better.  It helps them discover their communication style and their strengths and weaknesses in a way that remote or hybrid work may hide.

3. In-person social events improve communications

There are so many wonderful tools for communicating remotely with your team.  But nothing beats face-to-face communication.  Remotely, a shy or quiet person may be mistaken as difficult or uncooperative.  An outgoing person may come across as brash or rude.

When teams meet in person, they suddenly realize they have been communicating with this person in the wrong way. How we communicate with someone is often as important as what we say.

4. They boost morale

One of the biggest complaints we hear from compa